Manufacturer of precision balls
and spherical components

Spherical Grinding & Lapping

United States Ball Corp. has extensive capabilities in Spherical Lapping and Spherical Grinding. We lap industrial metal balls, partial spheres, and spherical seats. We have the equipment to perform on-line leak tests and inspect the roundness and surface finish of spherical surfaces.

Our ball manufacturing capabilities allow us to construct gaging as required to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

balls for hip joint


We offer our services and our expertise to finish your parts. We can take your machined part and hold typical tolerances of:

  • (.0001" and a four micro inch finish)
  • For extremely critical metal ball applications, we can hold tolerances (below .000005" and one micro inch surface finish)
  • We can maintain traceability throughout the process

Many times, parts are failing due to poor geometry or inferior tolerances. We remedy this through our proprietary processes.


  • ID Spherical Grinding and Spherical Lapping
  • OD Spherical Grinding and Spherical Lapping
  • Spherical Ball Grinding and Lapping

We Offer a Wide Range of Ball Sizes, Materials and Grades

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