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Gage Balls

Precision Gage Ball Manufacturing

Gage Balls and Ball Plug Gages are used to check: the size of a Radius, the Pitch diameter of screw threads/gears, the centerline dimension between holes, and to calibrate other inspection instruments.

  • Plug Ball Gages
  • Inspection Ball Gage
  • Metric Gages
  • Go/No Go Ball Gages
gage balls
gage balls

Custom Gage Balls

Our Custom Precision Gage Balls are an excellent way to check bore diameters. Because of the line contact you can detect if the hole is barrel shape (large in the center), bellmouth (small in the center), or tapered.

Balls can be inserted into holes quickly because there are no alignment problems.

gage balls
gage balls

Ball Plug Gages

Ball Plug gages (gauges)- We commonly attach a stem to a ball for use as a plug gage.

  • Two plug gages mounted in a standard AGD handle to make a Go/No Go Ball Gage
  • The Ball Plug Gages manufactured to X, XX, or XXX tolerances.
  • The ball plug gages modified with a flat to measure blind holes or otherwise modified to meet your unique application.

  • Please feel free to contact us for assistance with your particular application.

We Offer a Wide Range of Ball Sizes, Materials and Grades

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