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Modified Balls

Modified Balls

At United States Ball Corp., we modify balls to any configuration. When we speak of a modified ball, we refer to taking a perfect crafted ball and as required, cutting, grinding, adding a hole, threading, tapping, or all the above.

Standard modifications for Valve Balls, Gages, Spherical Ball Bearings, and Ball Joints:

  • Custom metal balls modified with holes and keyways
  • Modify with drilled and tapped metal balls
  • Custom metal balls with flats and threads
  • Custom modified metal balls with stems
  • Hallow Balls, reduce weight or flotation
  • Lapping, finishing and grinding

We can alter any precision ball to fit your specific modified application. Most importantly, we can give you the close tolerances required AFTER the ball is modified. We can hold tolerances better than .000005″, and surface finishes better than one micro inch.

We Offer a Wide Range of Ball Sizes, Materials and Grades

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