Manufacturer of precision balls
and spherical components

Stainless Steel Ball Manufacturer

Industrial Custom Stainless Steel Balls

United States Ball Corp. subscribes to the A.B.M.A. Industrial Ball Grades Standards - Manufacturing of Metal Balls in the U.S.A.

Alloys Available Stainless Steel Ball Custom Manufacturing

Age Hardenable Stainless Balls

Specialty Stainless Balls

17-4 PH Nitronic 32
17-7 PH Nitronic 33
15-5 PH Nitronic 40
Custom 450 Nitronic 50
Custom 455 Nitronic 60, (trade mark of Armco Inc.)
Alloy 20, Carpenter 20
606 Invar 36, Knar
608 Kovar

We Offer a Wide Range of Ball Sizes, Materials and Grades

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